iPhone 11 Battery

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If you feel that your phone\’s battery is draining too quickly compared to before or you have noticed that the phone turns off when the weather is colder outside, then it is worth thinking about replacing it. Battery life begins to decrease noticeably on devices that are usually more than two years old, and perhaps your phone\’s battery has reached the end of its life.

iProff offers high-quality batteries that are no different from the original in terms of durability, but they no longer show Battery Health on iPhone XS and newer models and leave a notification under the settings for 2 weeks that the battery has been replaced. The reason for the notice is Apple\’s desire to reduce repairs through third parties, because on newer devices the software detects that the battery has been replaced.
This notice does not affect the durability or use of the battery in any way and offers a more customer-friendly price that does not drain the wallet too much

NB – If you want the battery exchange service, book an appointment – iproff.ee

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