iPad Mini 6 screen and digitizer, Black (Copy)

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Tasu kolme võrdse maksena 3 x 100,00 

We offer our customers two types of screens: restored original screens and \”copy\” screens.

Restored original screen:
Screens consist of several parts, so under certain conditions it is also possible to restore them and thus reuse them. The restoration process takes place in designated factories, where the top glass part of the spare part is replaced with a new one, but the lower display module remains the same. The result is a new, high-quality screen that gives your device a second life.

Copy display:
Copy screens are high-quality spare parts produced by different factories. Their colors are clear and sharp, and there is no noticeable difference in touch sensitivity. We offer our customers the highest quality analog screens, which, due to their cheaper price, make them a good option for device repair.

NB – If you want a screen exchange service, book an appointment – iproff.ee

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